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POH #30: Natari Hoikuen


Playground of Hope #30

Address: Konagashiba 67-4 Utatsu, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi-ken 〒988-0436

Installation date: August 30th, 2014

Sponsor: Willowbrook International School & Direct Relief


Natari is located in Utatsu village which is part of the Minamisanriku area. It is a small day care with only 24 students. There were meant to be 60 students this year but, for now, many families have moved away (some waiting for their houses to be rebuilt, others have left for good). Natari is not far from the sea, however, is situated high on a hill and was also used as an evacuation shelter after the disaster.  Unfortunately there are no parks at all in the village, nor is there open space suitable to build a park or ever a medium size play set. This is a town which had many homes destroyed, so most open spaces were appropriated for temporary housing, businesses and such.

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Playground of Hope