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The Playground of Hope aims to restore the “social fabric” of disaster-affected and or economically challenged communities through the power of play.  We accomplish this by providing cost effective play equipment and pairing donors with local volunteers to build play spaces that restore community pride and help make communities “livable” again for children, their parents and grandparents. Like a school, hospital or retirement home, parks are an important part of the social fabric of any healthy community. The Playground of Hope is where children go to exercise and learn important social skills, where parents and elderly go to hone their social skills and where all residents can visit to find hope for the future success of their community.


Playground of Hope
Playground of Hope connects volunteers with communities in need of a place for kids, parents and grandparents to play and interact together. Fun, safe modular playgrounds, as well as benches, flower gardens, soccer nets, and more—funded by corporations and individuals—are installed in Tohoku and all around Japan by volunteers, families and local community members.

We think that this model of getting the community involved creates a sense of ownership, pride, and hope for the future. This results in a great commitment to the upkeep of the location as well as usage of the shared space.

Through the hard work of volunteers and the generosity of donors, we were able to turn a delinquent Ishinomaki public park, which had previously seen only 1-3 visitors per day, into a Playground of Hope with nearly one hundred kids and visitors every single day – never underestimate the power of play!

Team Building Activities
Playground of Hope offers team building activities for corporations (we work with CSR and HR departments). We help your team members to work better together, learn efficiency, feel good about their companies, and to bond. Our trips have six parts: Prepare, Witness, Participate, Interact, Discuss, Learn.

We customize training programs for new grads, new managers, executives, overall companies. Typical group sizes range from 10-35 people.

Our members also include professors and other corporate trainers who can deliver impactful training sessions on entrepreneurial thinking, brain storming, team work, facilitation, management and delegation, communications skills, and more.

The project was launched on April 1, 2012. Please see our Completed Project pages for more details. We are very grateful for and continue to rely on the corporate and private donations needed to build a Playground of Hope. Together we can help restore economic recovery by making challenged communities a desirable place for young people to live, work and raise a family.

Side by Side International
Side By Side International has been a registered Japanese NPO for over 25 years. SBSI has transported nearly 300 tons of relief aid to Tohoku as well as creating community building projects in temporary housing neighborhoods, including the construction of several community centers with tea/coffee, massage chairs, etc. services. Overseas, Side by Side International is active in Cambodia providing public emergency medical services, training emergency medical staff, supporting hospitals, clinics, schools, orphanages in support of communities in need.

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Playground of Hope