The Playground of Hope works with challanged communities in Tohoku and throughout Japan. If you would like us to build a Playground of Hope in your community, please have a look at the information below. 

A great location for us is one that:

  • Is in an area that for some reason is having trouble funding their own park;
  • Will get a lot of use by children and community members;
  • Has a community of people that is willing to take pride in the park.

Some great locations might include: Local parks, elementary schools, nursery schools, private property, hospitals, nursing homes, and more.

We currently offer:

  • Fully funded – Locations that demonstrate a need of a play space, as well as commitment by community to participate and enjoy the area.
  • Partially funded – Locations that demonstrate commitment and have some need, but are able to raise some of the funding on their own.
  • Discount Playgrounds – Even if you don’t qualify for a funded playground, wooden play sets are usually installed at about 60% less than steel and plastic.

If you think that you might be eligible, please send a note to

Also, if you think you might know a location or a person (principal of a school, etc.) please send us their contact information and we’ll follow up directly.

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