Ayumi Gakuen Children’s Home

348-0044 Saitama-ken, Hanyu-shi, Kami-iwase 370

Installion date:
From: 2017/11/11
To: 2017/11/11

This year, whilst we are happy to have had several builds and Free Play events in Tohoku in needed communities and schools, we are very pleased to be expanding our Play support footprint in Kanto. Please go to our volunteer form or donate section to help communities and play in Japan.

Sponsor:  CBRE

Please see the “Before” photos we have taken of the site we are going to transform 


Playset, BBQ Event

Ayumi Gakuen is a facility run by the Ayumi-kai Social Welfare Group, which also runs a kindergarten and daycare facilities. Located in Saitama Prefecture in Hanyu City, the home is in a quiet area. The director of the home is a strong member of the local community as well as a leader of children’s homes in Saitama and nationwide. He is passionate about promoting opportunities for the children in Japan.
The facility was first established in 1979 to support the needs the children in the area. There are currently 64 children, with 19 toddlers, 12 elementary school aged children, 15 junior high school aged children and 4 senior high school aged children living at the facilities.
Ayumi Gakuen is built in way that the living units face an open ground area, which allows the children some open space to run, while also having room to host their annual festival and bazaar in November. The home has one small older playset but given the number of young children at the home, the could use a larger play set. A play set and some benches would allow the younger children more opportunities to spend time outdoors

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