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PoH #18: Bay Side Arena 

Playground of Hope #18

Minamisanriku sports exchange temporary village health center

Installation date: September 29th, 2013

Sponsor: JP Morgan Foundation, in collaboration with NADIA NPO

PoH first visited Minamisanriku in the winter of 2012 to talk with the local city officials about building a park. Unfortunately, the only location available for a park was a grassy open area being used as a camp ground for volunteers helping with recovery efforts. In the summer of 2013 we were finally given the green light to build.  

With the help of 30 JP Morgan volunteers from Tokyo we build on of our largest play sets and put an opening event that, it seemed, every kid in town came to with their parents. It was clear to us all that there was a tremendous need for a park for kids to come and play. A fantastic day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

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Playground of Hope