• Discount Playgrounds – Even if you don’t qualify for a funded playground, our sets are usually installed at about 60% less than local rates. We’re able to do this because we use imported wooden product or secure charity rates from local suppliers while working with your team of volunteers for the installation.
  • Playground of Hope works with Eclipse Production, which imports quality Rainbow Branded playgrounds from the United States. Rainbow is the largest maker of free standing wooden playgrounds, with over 500 thousand shipped to date. They are safe (President Obama has one), relatively inexpensive, and portable (because there is no concrete base needed for installation).
  • Playground of Hope typically offers commercial grade playgrounds, but we are also able to import a variety of sizes and shapes of residential playgrounds at very reasonable prices. These are great for back yards in the country side and vacation or beach houses.
  • A percentage of all sales goes to contributing to playgrounds in needy communities.
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