Elizabeth Saunders Home

1152 Oiso, Oiso-Machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa 255-0003

Installion date:
From: 2017/09/02
To: 2017/09/02

This year, whilst we are happy to have had several builds and Free Play events in Tohoku in needed communities and schools, we are very pleased to be expanding our Play support footprint in Kanto. Please go to our volunteer form or donate section to help communities and play in Japan.

Sponsor:  Bloomberg


Play Set, BBQ Event, RLLC

Playground of Hope is happy to be running the RLLC Program, Stage 1 Young Entrepreneur at Elizabeth Saunders Home. A committee of children is working to plan an exciting day of building a play set, benches, picnic table and BBQ party with volunteers from Bloomberg. We expect a big turn-out of youth, staff and volunteers at this beautiful children’s home near the sea!

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