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PoH #3: Fukko Marche

Playground of Hope #3

Fukko-Marche, , Shishiori, Kesen-Numa, Miyagi-ken
107-1 Shishiori, Kesen-numa, Miyagi-ken

Completed: May 27, 2012
107-1 Shishiori, Kesen-numa, Miyagi-ken

The Shishiori neighborhood in Kesen-numa city, Iwate prefecture, suffered enormous damage from not only the tsunami but also a terrible fire that burned for four days caused by spilled fuel from the town’s fishing fleet. The fire destroyed many houses that were not in the path of the tsunami. The picture on the left is the Shishiori district 3 weeks after tsunami and on the right, 3 months after.

Marche report

In the above right picture the empty lot seen in the right is the location of the Playground of Hope play park. Across the street is the Fukko Marche temporary shopping district. Here Shishiori shop owners have reopened their businesses in temporary structures. The Playground of Hope worked with shop owners to build the park for local children.
Pictured below is the construction site before, during and after the construction on the Playground of Hope. At the time it was our largest and most difficult play set installation in Miyagi prefecture. In the weeks that followed the installation, local residents began planting flowers, setting up tables and chairs and turning this into a very successful community park that is enjoyed by all ages.

Marche Report

A Message from Local Fukko Marche Shop Owner/Blogger
“Some playground equipment has been installed across the street from Fukko Marche! The project was finished just yesterday and without any announcement already today a steady flow of children and parents came steaming in to play. I enjoyed watching the children play for hours near sunset and listening to the laughter of their voices. It suddenly dawned on me as I watched the children that it is not only us adults that have been deprived of many things since the disaster but the children have too! Watching parents and children playing together, was something we took for granted before the disaster, but now it is a spectacle I have not seen in a really long time. Of course, our parks and squares where children used to play are now gone, destroyed by the tsunami. All we can see is broken concrete foundations but now, here we have a playground growing from the rubble.
I love this town I grew up and hope the children playing here today will be full of fond memories that can carry with them into the future, following in our footsteps. I cannot thank everyone enough for helping build this playground.
Thank you very much. m (__) m”

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