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POH #27: Himawari Hoikuen


Playground of Hope #27

Address: Miyagi-ken, Ishinomaki-shi, 2-5-26 Sumiyoshichou

Installation date: April 6th, 2014

Sponsor: Direct Relief Fund, Himawari Daycare


Himawari Daycare was one of the most heavily impacted schools we have worked with to-date. The school housed 50 people for eight days after the earthquake and, sadly, lost 3 of their children after parents had picked them up from school prior to the tsunami striking. It took 4 days for the 2 meter high tsunami flood water to recede. The staff, together with many volunteers from multiple organizations worked tirelessly to clean and rebuild their school. Three years later, PoH had the distinct pleasure to help bring play back to their school yard.  Together with the Grateful Crane theater ensemble from Los Angeles and our standard barbecue with fun and games, we managed to put some serious smiles on the faces of not only the kids…but the mom, dads and teachers alike.

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Playground of Hope