Hiroyasu Aijien Children’s Home
Address: 73 Koga, Mashikimachi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto-ken 861-2234

Installion date:
From: 2017/10/20
To: 2017/10/20

This year, whilst we are happy to have had several builds and Free Play events in Tohoku in needed communities and schools, we are very pleased to be expanding our Play support footprint in Kanto. Please go to our volunteer form or donate section to help communities and play in Japan.

Sponsor:  Hilton Fukuoka Seahawk

Please see the “Before” photos we have taken of the site we are going to transform 


Playset, BBQ Event

On April 14th, 2016, a series of earthquakes struck Kumamoto Prefecture and Oita Prefecture, including two measuring at 7.0.
The earthquakes resulted in 50 deaths, over 2,700 injuries and heavy damage to buildings in the area. Due to the instability of the area, over 180,000 people had to evacuate their homes. Water and electricity was stopped and lifelines into several damaged areas were delayed as roads also received massive damage.
Located in Mashikimachi, an area that received a substantial amount of damage, the children and staff at Hiroyasu Aijien evacuated to the grounds of the facilities carrying their futons. As the earthquakes continued in the area, close to 200 local people also evacuated to Hiroyasu Aijien grounds for safety. Despite gathering some futons and water from the area, as well as providing what food they could, the home was quickly running out of futons and supplies for all of the children, staff and evacuees. Other children’s homes donated futons and supplies to the home. As the lifeline to Mashikimachi finally started to reconnect, local evacuees began slowly returning to their homes a week since the earthquake hit.

Finally on May 1st, the facilities had running water back at 3 of their housing units, and from May 9th the children were able to return to school. By mid-May the remaining evacuees were taken into care by the city.
While the entire experience was frightening for the staff and children at Hiroyasu Aijien, they opened their grounds to the local community and shared food, water and warmth to others also suffering from the trauma of a large natural disaster. The people of Mashikimachi feel a strong sense of gratitude to everyone at Hiroyasu Aijien.
Playground of Hope is modeled after connecting volunteers to local communities and is impressed with the amazing generosity of Hiroyasu Aijien during the disaster. The home has very little play equipment for the children, so a new play set would provide a great opportunity for the children to spend more time outdoors.

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