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PoH #60: Isumi City, Oohara Elementary School
w/ Koyama Home Children’s Home

Playground of Hope #60

Address: 8530-3 Oohara, Isumi-shi, Chiba-ken

Installation date: June 18th, 2016

Sponsor: Hilton Tokyo Bay

This is a Playground of Hope first! While in the past Playground of Hope has worked with city hall, public schools, as well as children’s homes. Thanks to the support of our sponsor, Hilton Tokyo Bay, we were able to bring Isumi City together with Koyama Home children’s home and build a play set for the local elementary school.
Through the RLLC, the children at Koyama Home decided the play set location and presented their ideas to city hall for approval. They then worked together with Tokyo Hilton Bay to not only build the play set, but also plan a delicious menu of chicken kebab for 250 people. This project allowed the children living at a children’s home to give back to their local community and engage with a pro-active sponsor, like Hilton Tokyo Bay.

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Playground of Hope