Kamakura Jidou Home Children’s Home
Address: 248-0017Kanagawa-ken, Kamakura-shi, Sasuke 1-6-6

Installion date:
From: 2017/10/17
To: 2017/10/17

This year, whilst we are happy to have had several builds and Free Play events in Tohoku in needed communities and schools, we are very pleased to be expanding our Play support footprint in Kanto. Please go to our volunteer form or donate section to help communities and play in Japan.

Sponsor:  Hilton Tokyo

Please see the “Before” photos we have taken of the site we are going to transform 


Play Set Maintenance, BBQ Event

Kamakura Jidou Home is part of the Seionkai Social Welfare group, which also runs two senior care facilities in Kanagawa Prefecture. The home was first established in 1896, and renovated in 2003. The building is separated into 8 housing units that can hold up to 10 children each. Currently there are 73 children at the home, making it one of the larger children’s homes in Japan. There are 10 toddlers (2-6 years), 31 ES children, 21 JHS children and 11 SHS children. The children eat in the large dining hall during breakfast and lunch, and have dinner at each of their individual housing units. Their community space can easily hold up to 150 volunteers.
The grounds are nice and wide to use for basketball and soccer, but there wasn’t enough play equipment for the younger children. The closest parks are also only accessible by car, so Kamakura Jidou Home was looking for a way to provide for the large number of younger children living at the home.

In Spring of 2016 Playground of Hope built a large play set and sand pit, as well as some artistic benches together with a committee of children from the home. The home can use maintenance of the play set, as well as adding more sand around the play area for safety. The youth from the home have also requested the benches to be repainted as the colors have faded.

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