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POH #37: Kamome Gakuen

Playground of Hope #37

Address: 3−10−7 Kōyōchō, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 〒986-0866

Installation date: December 14th, 2014

Sponsor: J.P. Morgan / NPO Nadia

Starting its operation on April 1, 2011, Ishinomaki-shi Kamome Gakuen was built by Ishinomaki City in support of disabled and or handicapped children, their parents and guardians. It is run by the Ishinomaki Sho-shinkai which is a social welfare corporation.

Kamome Gakuen aims to help children overcome developmental issues through play by providing opportunities to help improve eye-hand coordination, the importance of learning to take turns, working in groups as well as interaction with other children from the neighborhood.

The facility operates seven days a week. On weekdays, parents attend the institution with their infant children in the morning while in the afternoon elementary school children attend. The institution is also in operation on Saturday and Sunday as a daycare facility to provide support for working parents and guardians, however, with fewer children attending.

Ishinomaki-shi Kamome Gakuen was introduced by NADIA NPO who have had a long standing relationship with the school. It was yet another awesome build for Playground of Hope! We installed a Design 2 play set at Ishinomaki Kamome Gakuen. Big thanks to J.P. Morgan for their generous support as well as Nadia for introducing a great location and volunteer support.

We had a Christmas themed event including a visit from Santa Clause himself. Also, a big thanks to O.G.A. for providing presents for the kids.

Saito-san, the director of the facility, was pleased to announce that they will be opening their grounds to the public so neighboring kids can come play with the kids who attend the facility.

A great day for all!




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