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POH #36: Kodomo no Ie (part 2)

Playground of Hope #36

Address: 3-12-17 Matsuyama, Kiyose-shi, Tokyo 204-0022

Installation date: October 24th, 2014

Sponsor: GILT

We’re back at Kodomo no Ie continuing the project of a major renewal of the outdoor play area. It is being done in conjunction with a major interior renewal of children’s living quarters later in spring 2015. As part of this volunteer activity, we installed sports equipment including a basketball hoop and tetherball for junior high and high school aged kids, and removed 1.7 metric tons of weeds and garbage from the area. We also gave the exterior wall a brand new paint job which extends over 80 meters surrounding the facility. Thanks to the 100 plus volunteers from GILT, we were able to get all of this done in a single day!

We finished up this year’s activities at Kodomo no Ie with an all-out Halloween costume party. We got the kids all dressed up and enjoyed tasty food and Halloween treats. There was even live music and spooky wagon rides. Yet another awesome and unforgettable experience for all who were involved!






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