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PoH #51: Kodomo-no-ie (part 3)

Playground of Hope #51

Address: 3 Chome-12-17 Matsuyama, Kiyose-shi, Tokyo

Installation date: October 31st, 2015

Sponsor: Barclays

For the second year in a row, PoH held a Halloween Party at the Kodomonoie. Last year, it was lead by our sponsors, but this year we decided to have the children plan and prepare for the event as another participant of the RLLC. With a committee of children from 4th grade elementary school to 3rd grade senior high school, PoH worked with the home to put together an exciting Halloween Event.

Not only did we have a delicious meal of pizzas and ice-cream while wearing exciting Halloween costumes, the children also planned some fun activities, such as an indoor Imagination Playground space and outdoor basketball and soccer games. In the evening, there was a treasure hunt game for candy hidden around the grounds of the home. We are looking forward to going back again each year and excited to see what the children will plan next.

kodomo-no-ie-part-3-image1 kodomo-no-ie-part-3-image2 kodomo-no-ie-part-3-image3

kodomo-no-ie-part-3-image4 kodomo-no-ie-part-3-image5 kodomo-no-ie-part-3-image6


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