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PoH #45: Komagamine Elementary School

Playground of Hope #45

Address: 979-2611 Fukushima-ken, Soma, Shinchimachi, Komagamine Shinchimachimae 52

Installation date: September 5th, 2015

Sponsor: Societe Generale, Hilton Tokyo Bay, Lycee French International School, Eyes for Fukushima


Although the school is not far from the coast, Komagamine Elementary School was protected by the tsunami by an electrical power plant in the area that took the majority of the hit. 220 lives were lost in Shinchimachi on that day. The school has grown in size due to a large number of families from neighboring areas of Fukushima moving to the town. Recently, the town has noticed an increase in the weight of the children in the area due to stress and less time spent outdoors playing.

Thanks to the wonderful support of our sponsors and the efficient work of the volunteers, PoH was able to install our largest play set in one day. We also had a great opening event with the children at the school. A student representative shared a great speech with everyone.


Thank you for the wonderful playground equipment. I want to play a lot with everyone.”
- Student Representative R.Y.




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