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PoH #80: Komagamine Elementary School Maintenance

Playground of Hope #80

Address: 979-2611 Fukushima-ken, Soma-gun, Shinchimachi, Komagamine, Shinmachi-mae 52

Installation: Friday, July 7th, 2017

Sponsor: Kyani


Playground of Hope built a playset at Komagamine Elementary School in Soma back in September 2015 with the help of Societe Generale, Hilton Tokyo Bay, Lycee French International School, and Eyes for Fukushima.
With the playset getting a lot of use every single day, the playset was in a need of a maintenance. About twenty volunteers from Kyäni took that task and spend a hot July day not only repainting the playset, but also cleaning all its slides and other features.
At the end of the day, the Kyäni volunteers got to remember what it was like when they were kids as they run a race against each other around the school grounds. They also got to see the children's love of the playset as they started playing on the playset as soon as the work was done!
You can see some of the hard work that had to be done that day in the below video on Facebook:
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