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PoH #23: Koyama Home Orphanage

Playground of Hope #23

Address: Chiba-ken, isumishi, Fukabori 685

Installation date: December 13th, 2013


Although PoH remains committed to help bring play back to Tohoku, in 2013 we began to reach out to orphanages in need of play equipment. Home to over 60 children, the Koyama Home grounds were in serious need of repair. Thanks to a very generous donation from GILT Japan plus 106 of their volunteer staff we were able to transform the grounds. Of course, we built a big play set but we also covered the grounds with 8 tons of gravel, painted an amazing wall mural, built a garbage storage shed and barbecued three 15 pound turkey as part of a Christmas event the brought kids, their caretakers and volunteers together on a star filled December evening. A day to remember for years to come!

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Playground of Hope