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PoH #42: Koyama Home (part 2)

Playground of Hope #42

Address: Chiba-ken, Isumi-shi, Fukabori 685

Installation date: July 24th, 2015

Sponsor: Barclays


PoH established a strong relationship with Koyama Home, having built a play set and painting the facilities in December of 2013.  We returned to the location to improve the grounds at the home and work with the children with the RLLC.  Every day the home went through many banadages as the children’s natural desire to play would not be stopped by hard rocky surfaces. 

For this build, PoH and volunteers from Barclays worked with the children and staff of Koyama Home to install 16m x 18m artificial grass and a basketball hoop.   Through sweat, tears and love, everyone worked in the hot summer heat to create a beautiful green atmosphere, reflecting new beginnings. 
The RLLC committee children also helped prepare a delicious BBQ lunch with some cooling ice-cream and shaved-ice refreshments.




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Playground of Hope