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PoH #49: Koyama Home (part 3)

Playground of Hope #49

Address: Chiba-ken, Isumi-shi, Fukabori 685

Installation date: October 16th, 2015

Sponsor: Blackstone

Our second visit to Koyama Home in 2015 was a follow-up to the RLLC earlier in the year. The younger children in the home also hoped for a see-saw, soccer nets and a picnic table. Together with our sponsor, Blackstone, PoH went to the home to provide more play equipment for the children. It was the first time for PoH to put together a see-saw, which was originally designed for us.
On this rainy day, everyone worked hard to put together each piece of play equipment, as well as prepare a delicious dinner of BBQ steak, chicken, salad and mashed potatoes. During dinnertime, the volunteers from Blackstone had a great time with the staff and children at Koyama Home.



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