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PoH #24: Wakaba Kindergarten


Playground of Hope #24

Address: Fukushima-ken, Fukushima-shi, Sasakino, Nakanishi-ura 19-11

Installation date: March 9th, 2014

Sponsor: Nadia NPO, Wakaba Kindergarten, Fukushima-ken


There are over 230 beautiful children enrolled in this kindergarten and it was clear to everyone there that these kids really and truly enjoyed climbing, jumping and running all around their new play set! There was entertainment by NicoNicoTaishi Having been unable to play outside for nearly 2 years and having had all of their out door play sets taken down and thrown away, this was the first time the kids could play outside on new, safe playground. It was such a wonderful day for the kids, their parents, volunteers and last, but not least, the teachers.

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Playground of Hope