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POH #34: Lumbini Yochien

Playground of Hope #34

Address: Minaminakamichi-47-1 Ōmori, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken 960-1101

Installation date: October 5th, 2014

Sponsor: Morgan Stanley

Lumbini is a Buddhist school with 150 children, down from 250 children in the past. It is led by Yoshioka encho-sensei who is also a monk at the nearby Entsuji Temple. When he learned that Morgan Stanley would sponsor a play set at his kindergarten, he helped Playground of Hope with organizing an unforgettable event.

Volunteers from Morgan Stanley as well as from the local community gathered on the first Saturday morning in October 2014 to work hard until sunset. In the short few hours, they managed not only to build the iconic play set, but also to build several beautifully painted benches and paint some of the older play equipment at the school.

The Playground of Hope weekend culminated in an opening ceremony and barbecue event on Sunday when all the children from the kindergarten as well as their parents and other local community members were able to enjoy the performance of Niko Niko Taishi’s Guy “Supagaijin” Totaro and the great food. And, of course, the children invaded the play set as soon as the balloons went up and the ropes went down!





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