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PoH #62: Mashikimachi Sogo Taikukan

Playground of Hope #62

Address: 236 Kiyama, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto-ken 861-2242

Installation date: August 29, 2016

Main Sponsor: Alpha Investment, private donations


In August 2016, four months after the Kumamoto earthquake, there were still over 400 people living in an evacuation center set up in the local Mashikimachi gymnasium. The local YMCA created an indoor play space for the 70 children living in the gymnasium. There were books and small toys that had been donated. It seemed to us here at PoH that the kids room REALLY needed something special, like big Imagination Playground set!

We reached out to local authorities and they agreed that the kids needed something extra for their new play space. After the facility is closed, the city will keep the blue blocks and lend them out to local schools and children’s centers. It just goes to prove that a little fun can go a long way!

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Playground of Hope