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POH #29: Matsunami Park

Playground of Hope #29

Address: 2-7 Matsunami, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken

Installation date: May 25th, 2014

Sponsor: JP Morgan; Grateful Crane Ensemble; Ishinomaki Playground Project

An 11 year old American girl named Miya had a dream to build a park to help the children of Ishinomaki. Together with her parent’s and many others from their Ohio community a plan was put into action. Playground of Hope came on board to help with additional fund raising and park planning activities. This collaboration resulted in one of the most memorable and meaningful collaborations to-date. A massive play set was installed along with a six piece exercise equipment and 2,500sqm of fresh new turf was planted – a gigantic undertaking! The Matsunami district was one of the hardest hit areas in Ishinomaki. Many Ishinomaki residents thought the area might never recover but when over 450 local moms, dads, kids, teachers, businessmen and students showed up to celebrate getting their park back…no one left doubting that the Matsunami community was on the road to recovery. So many tears of joy on this day we didn’t even need to water the grass - LOL!





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