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PoH #53: Matsushima Children’s Center

Playground of Hope #53


Installation date: November 21st and 22nd, 2015

Sponsor: Latham & Watkins; Matsushima City Hall


The town of Matsushima decided to tear down an old, derelict pool and in its place build a new children’s center for local kids and families to enjoy. One of the local officials working on this project had participated in a Playground of Hope build in Tohoku. Although Matsushima town had not been damaged as badly as some of its neighboring towns, the city official really liked the community building aspect of PoH. There is just something special about seeing business leaders, teacher, parents and volunteers all coming together to build a playground for local children.

In a classic “public/private collaboration” the town of Matsushima and the law offices of Latham & Watkins combined resources to build one of the finest children centers in the area.

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