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PoH #4: Midori Kindergarten

Playground of Hope #4

Midori Kindergarten
Iwate-ken, 107-1 Kamiheigun, Otsuchi Chou

Installation date: July 28, 2012

Main Sponsor: New International School
Sub Sponsor: Ikifu

The Midori Kindergarten was completely destroyed in the 3/11 tsunami, two children lost their live, several were orphaned and more than half of the 52 remaining children living in temporary housing. The kindergarten was rebuilt as a temporary structure seen in the picture below. When the school reopened enough funds were raised to purchase a couple small pieces of play equipment for the schoolyard, however, in March 2012 a spring wind storm blew the equipment away and rendered it useless. They were left with a large school yard, approximately 250sqm, but not a single piece of play equipment.

Midori Report 1

With the always cheerful and very dedicated support of the New International School of Japan faculty, students there raised funds by baking cookies and selling them on the street in front of their school. Funds were also raised at a school festival where student’s parents made cash donations and additional items sold at a flea market. In total students raised over Y780,000! As a result, the Midori Kindergarten school now has a beautiful natural wood play set with big, bright yellow slide that looks so good against the green mountain setting it is as if it were meant to be there all along – a symbol of hope for the whole community!

Midori Report 2

Our Silver sponsor is an on-line mico-charity fund raising website called Ikifu. Ikifu was able to raise an additional JPY100,000 which allowed us to throw and opening party complete with live music, balloons and a barbeque! Many thanks to Ikifu and the many individuals whose donations made this possible.

Midori Report 3

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