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PoH #13 Nakasai Daycare

Playground of Hope #13

Nakasai Daycare
Kesennuma-shi, Higashi-Nakasai 145-2    

Installation Date: June 16th, 2013

Sponsor: Pakkun Makkun, manzai comedy duo 


The Nakasai Daycare, like many daycare facilities in towns and villages throughout Japan, didn’t have much in the way of outdoor play equipment. Kesen-numa locals are committed to making their community an attractive place to live and raise a family. One small way PoH can support their efforts is by providing local daycare services with cool new play equipment that encourages outdoor exercise as well as sparking kids’ imaginations. 

Ohisama 3

The Playground of Hope is quite active in Kesen-numa and so we were delighted to get a phone call from Patrick Harlen (a.k.a. Pakkun), a well-known and respected TV personality in Japan, saying that he and some of his buddies had raised money via charity performances.  They were looking to do something for kids in the kesen-numa area...and the rest is history! a match made in heaven that produced some great results!


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