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PoH #15: Kamagomine Daycare 

Playground of Hope #15

Kamagomine Daycare
Soma-gun, Shinchi-machi, Komagomine, Shinmachi 7

Installation date: July 7th, 2013

Sponsor: Deutsche Bank Group, Japan

One of three local daycare facilities we had the pleasure of working with in Fukushima prefecture.  Approximately one hundred children attended this school prior to the nuclear accident, now only forty-seven remain. So many young families are leaving disaster-affected communities that it presents a big challenge for the future of these towns.


On this build we were joined by NADIA volunteers as well as our long time collaborators It’s Not Just Mud to install two play sets at two different  locations during the same weekend. It was a big challenge but we managed to get the job done on time!   

Kamagomine 1

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