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PoH #50: Nozominomon Kazusanosato

Playground of Hope #50

Address: 850 Minato, Futtsu-shi, Chiba 204-0022

Installation date: October 23rd, 2015

Sponsor: Hilton Worldwide, Elliott

Nozominomon Kazusanosato is a children’s home in Chiba and has a strong role in the local community. There are currently 35 children living at the home. The facility used to be a public school and was remodeled to a children’s facility 9 years ago. Kazusanosato has a cheerful atmosphere, and all the staff are warm and welcoming.

With close to 70 volunteers from Hilton Worldwide and Elliott, PoH installed a playset, painted old play equipment and put together a picnic table and several benches. In the evening, everyone had a delicious meal of roast beef, BBQ chicken and Hilton’s wonderful chocolate fondue.




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Playground of Hope