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PoH #59: Nozominomon Kazusanosato Children’s Home (Part2)

Playground of Hope #59

Address: 850 Minato, Futtsu-shi, Chiba-ken 299-1607

Installation date: June 12, 2016

Sponsor: Bloomberg LP

Nozominomon Kazusanosato is a children’s home in Chiba and has a strong role in the local community. There are currently 35 children living at the home. The facility used to be a public school and was remodeled to a children’s facility 10 years ago. Kazusanosato has a cheerful atmosphere, and all the staff are warm and welcoming.
In October 2015, PoH built a play set on the grounds for the children. For 2016, together with volunteers from Bloomberg LP, Kazusanosato staff and children, we lay down 12m x 25m of high quailty artificial turf for a beautiful futsal sized ground, as well as installed a tire swing.
Through the RLLC, both the sponsor and children met several times to discuss plans for the opening ceremony, event food menu, and play activities. And for two days in June, the children also enjoyed playing together with everyone games like futsal, volleyball, catch-ball, basketball and dodgeball.

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