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PoH #63: Ohama Ishimine Park (Ogatsucho)

Playground of Hope #63

Address: 1-34 Ohama, Ohama Ogatsucho, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 986-1302

Installation date: September 3rd, 2016

Sponsor: NPO Nadia & International Volunteer Group (IVG)

Support From: Koyama Home Children’s Home

Together with our amazing sponsors from NPO Nadia and IVG, Playground of Hope along with the children from Koyama Home children's facility in Chiba worked to install the first play set in Ogatsucho, a small fishing village in Ishinomaki devastated by the 3.11 tsunami.
Not only we were able to connect with a beautiful town and it’s people who shared their beautiful scenery, amazing taiko drum team, and delicious scallops and hoya with us, but it also provided the children from Koyama Home orphanage in Chiba an opportunity to engage in volunteer work
As a present the volunteers along with children from Koyama Home created a mural painting and 1000 paper cranes as a gift to the Ogatsucho community.
It was an amazing experience for everyone and we hope to visit again.

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