Michael picMichael Anop, President, Eclipse Production YK, Chief Fundraiser/Customer Acquisition
The visionary behind the POH, Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has run businesses in Japan for over twenty years, including Eclipse Production’s talent and event business and the Z-Card globally patented map program. Michael is well known within the foreign community, particularly as long term vice president of the FCC. After on the ground volunteer efforts and co-managing of the Save Minami Soma Project, Michael  came up with the Playground of Hope Project as a way to help Japanese municipalities rebuild a sense of community.

TaeTae Anop, Project Management / Community Outreach
Partner on all Anop projects, Tae has deep experience in the music and event planning business. She is in charge of identifying locations and creating a fair evaluation process for potential playground sites. She is also deeply involved in building the community involvement piece of POH, and is currently building a community packet that includes best practices for communities looking to create a community event around the playground installation process. This will help build momentum for long term community involvement in the area.

NeilNeil Rosenblatt, Head of Strategy / Press Outreach
An entrepreneur with more than ten years experience doing business and advising  start-up companies in Japan. He has previous experience working in strategy for the investment bank Deutsche Bank and the consulting company L.E.K. Neil hold an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and  MPA from Harvard University. Neil has experience running the press distribution business Japan Corporate News Network. Neil lectures at universities on Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He is the author of the business case, Playground of Hope: A Social Entrepreneurial Venture in Support of Northern Japan, which he has delivered in lectures at Universities such as Keio, Temple, and Hosei.

hidemiHidemi Urabe, Office Manager, Customer Relations, Accounting A partner in Eclipse Productions from its outset, Hidemi Urabe now heads up the Z-Card business,   as well as managing the fashionable entertainment venue, Primavera. Hidemi handles Japanese customer relations as well as watching the POH’s monthly accounting, a role she has held with Eclipse Production for over ten years.


Thane Camus Thane Alexander Camus Born in New York and raised in Japan from the age of six. One of Japan’s most well-known and respected foreign TV personalities; having starred in over a dozen regular TV programs in his 20 year career in Japan. A Nikkei Entertainment survey in 2005 listed Thane as the most popular “foreign talento” in Japan. A 2007 Denstu Research report ranked Japan’s “500 most favorable Japanese celebrities” with Thane listed number 254; the only foreigner to appear on that list. As father of 3 small children and the face of the Japanese government’s 2012 Ikumen Project Thane has taken a personal interest in promoting the Playground of Hope project. He has appeared at events and fund raisers and hopes to one day participate in a play set installation!

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