Team Building Activities

Playground of Hope offers team building activities for corporations (we work with CSR and HR departments). We help your team members to work better together, learn efficiency, feel good about their companies, and to bond. Our trips have six parts: Prepare, Witness, Participate, Interact, Discuss, Learn.

We customize training programs for new grads, new managers, executives, overall companies. Typical group sizes range from 10-35 people, but we’re open to trying even larger outings of 100 or more.

Our members also include professors and other corporate trainers who can deliver impactful training sessions on entrepreneurial thinking, brain storming, team work, facilitation, management and delegation, communications skills, and more.

Please let us know if your organization might be interested in a POH team building activity. If you’d like us to come in and make a presentation to your CSR or HR department, we’re more than happy to pay you a visit.

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