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PoH #7: Minamizakai


Playground of Hope #7, Minamisakai Temporary Housing Community

1 Shinmito Minamisakai Ishinomaki 986-8580 Miyagi

Installation date: October 30th, 2012

Sponsor: Parents & Teachers Association of Tokyo International School

Background Minamisakai was a milestone for the Playground of Hope for a number of reasons. first, it was the first time we realized our goal of helping build community at a temporary housing location.  Also, because it was Tohoku’s largest temporary housing community it gave us the opportuntiy to build our largest set, the massive Design 3A. Finally, it was our first time to work directly with city officials in Ishinomaki and such an honor to be part of the rebuilding of this wonderful city! Below are some before and after pictures of the #7 Playground of Hope site…made possible by an incredibly generous donation from our sponsor. Not only did they provide the funds for the play set, but also for park benches, a gazebo and a launch party complete with hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and drinks…a day we will all remember for every!

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