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PoH #70: Fuji City Yonenomiya Park Maintenance & Free Play Festival

Playground of Hope #70

Address: 303 Yonenomiyacho, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken

Installation: November 5th, 2016

Sponsor: JATCO

As part of the third JATCO-Playground of Hope collaboration, JATCO volunteers have returned to Fuji City’s Yonenomiya Park where they had built a playset in September 2015. With the playset having been used heavily by the local children as witnessed by the faded away paint on its floors and by the turf that disappeared from under and around the playset, it has been in a need of maintenance.
On November 5, 2016, over 50 JATCO volunteers conducted a complete maintenance of the playset - including taking off and cleaning the slides and other parts, as well as a full repaint - and held a free play festival in the park.
The afternoon event visitors were able to enjoy complimentary pancakes with sausages. Most importantly, however, the children were able to engage in free play as much as they wanted - besides the usual opportunities in the park, Imagination Playground and pop-up playground (boxes, cloths, and other everyday items) were available for the day to let the children build anything their mind could think of ranging from early Christmas trees all the way to fortresses.

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