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PoH #72: Kodomonoie Children’s Home

Playground of Hope #72

Address: 3-12-17 Matsuyama, Kiyose-shi, Tokyo

Installation: November 17th and 18th 2016

Sponsor: Michael Page Japan

Two years ago, Playground of Hope’s first project with Kodomonoie Children’s Home included installing a play set as well as painting the outer walls of the facility to brighten up the area. We have always wanted to go back and complete the inner wall of the facility, and for two days on November 17th and 18th, we were able to finally complete this project!
Thanks to the amazing hard work of close to 100 volunteers from Michael Page Japan, Kodomonoie has really brightened up! Through the volunteers incredible teamwork the play set got some much needed maintenance, overgrown weeds and brush were cleaned-up, and meters and meters of wall were painted a warm ivory white.
The children also had a chance to play a bit of basketball and soccer with Michael Page after coming home from school. Thank you to all of the volunteers for their great work!
Koyama Home Children’s Home image 1

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