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PoH #73: Iitoyo Elementary School

Playground of Hope #73

Address: 976-0032 Fukushima-ken, Soma-shi, Oomagari, Tenjinmae 42

Installation: November 26th 2016

Sponsor: Societe Generale, Lycee Francais International De Tokyo, NPO Nadia

Playground of Hope is always happy to be introduced to new locations in need of play! We were first introduced to Iitoyo Elementary School in Soma City, Fukushima by the principal of our 2015 project at Komagamine Elementarcy School in the neighboring city of Shinchimachi, Fukushima.
Just a few days before our scheduled build and event, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Fukushima, resulting in a small 90cm tsunami on November 22nd. While the tsunami warning was soon lifted and there was little damage to the area, the fear of what happened over 5 years ago on 5.11 was pushed forward towards everyone’s minds.
At times like this, Playground of Hope along with our sponsors and supporters from Societe Generale, Lycee Francais International De Tokyo, NPO Nadia were happy to be in Fukushima, working together with local parents and students from the area to brighten up the grounds of Iitoyo Elementary School.
Everyone came together as one to finish a new play set, paint the old play equipment, eat delicious BBQ and also enjoy a small sports festival and some soccer. The support and wonderful play set has warmed everyone's hearts and connects everyone to a beautiful future.

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