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PoH #81: Takata Nursery School

Playground of Hope #81

Address: 36-2 Nakawano, Takatacho, Rikuzen Takata Shi, Iwate-ken 029-2205

Installation: Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Sponsor: Hilton Tokyo

Thank you to Hilton Tokyo for a great day of ground work, grass work, play set maintenance and BBQ. It's great to be back to Takata Nursery School one year after the opening of the school and installation of the play set. Together we turned a rocky hard ground into a nice school ground, ready to finally start having sports festivals! We are happy to see communities thriving as they work towards rebuilding post 3.11. And we had a wonderful time playing and eating with the families of the 100 children at this school. Playground of Hope and Hilton Tokyo hope to continue this great relationship with the local community of Rikuzen-Takata City. And a big thank you to our champion, Tsutomu Horiuchi who oversaw the ground work preparations during several hot days with local construction companies!

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