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PoH #54: Sagamihara Minami Jidou Home

Playground of Hope #54

Address: Kanagawa-ken, Sagamihara-shi, Minami-ku, Shindo 905-1

Installation date: November 28th, 2015

Sponsor: Bloomberg LP, Newways, Barclays, Harvard Club

Sagamihara Minami Jidou Home is a new children’s home, which opened in April of 2014. It was established in order to answer the needs of children both in the local area as well as nationwide. Upon opening, it quickly filled with 22 infants (ages 0-2) and 43 children (ages 2-18). Most children’s homes separate nursery care from children’s care, but Sagamihara Minami Jidou Home manages them together to keep the children’s transitions smoother.

While the home has nice new facilities, they did not have any budget for play equipment. PoH was happy to bring a new play set to the home, that not only benefits the children living at the home, but many members in the local community. Sagamihara Minami Jidou Home plays a key role in the area, offering their facilities to be used for workshops and events. And there aren’t any parks with children’s play equipment in the general area. Many children come to the home to play.

Through the RLLC, the committee of children at the home helped the volunteers install the play set, and created a fun opening event with sushi, sandwiches, potato chips and ice cream. The committee children went as far as contacting local businesses to help support the event.

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