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PoH #2: Sakura Community Park

Playground of Hope #2

Sakura Koen

Ishinomaki 1-93-2 Kazuma, Watanoha, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture
Completed: April 4, 2012

Sponsor: K.K. Octotrade

A Message from the Director of Sakura Koen
One of the hardest hit neighborhoods in Ishinomaki on 3/11 was Watanoha. Many homes, business and community parks were completely destroyed. I was fortunate to be able to rent a 570sqm plot of land from the owner of a tsunami damaged house who no longer wished to reside in the Watanoha community.

Sakura Koen 1

Here we plan to rebuild the house and turn it into a care home for elderly residents. Also on the grounds we will build a community center and green house for families with special needs children. Here they will be taught to grow seaweed that can be sold. For the children living nearby we used over half the space to create the “Sakura Koen” with help, in part, from the Playground of Hope.

Sakura Koen 2

The play set is a wonderful eye catching piece that will attract local kids and their families. We hope that many kids and adults can play and talk together in a very natural environment.

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