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BlueWheel provides web and hosting support for the Playground of Hope. The Company helps foreign companies set up, sell new products and services and find partners in Japan.

Empower Japan

Empower Japan

Empower Japan is a Social Corporation that creates interactive, imaginative and age-mixed play spaces for children, their parents and caregivers. We seek to promote and protect play, and elevate public discourse around the importance of play to a child’s overall health, development and well-being. Through the power of play we aim to help children develop important interpersonal skills which cannot be learned in digital environments.

Imagination Playground logo

Imagination Playground

Imagination Playground is an innovative playground equipment system that transforms any space — schools, children's museums, parks and recreation, daycare centers, camps, hospitals, churches — into a play space that encourages learning, social development, movement, and above all fun.

It’s Not Just Mud (INJM)

INJM provides a steady stream of passionate  volunteer support for the Playground of Hope builds. A non-profit volunteer organization specializing in disaster relief, grass-root support and rehabilitation of disaster affected individuals and small businesses. We are based in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture, Japan and work in the Tohoku region.

Rainbow Play Systems

For nearly three decades, parents have trusted their children’s dreams to Rainbow. That’s because the best wooden swing sets start here. Offering more than 100 swing set designs from which to choose, all featuring the highest quality construction and a commitment to safety, Rainbow builds swing sets that you can feel good about and that your child can love.


Sakae Corporation

Sakae Corporation is an official distributor of Kompan play equipment as well as a park/outdoor equipment maker and installer. They have been a long time supplier and supporter of Playground of Hope.

Suzue Corporation

Providing comprehensive logistics and distribution services that contribute to building an affluent society-this is the mission of Suzue Corporation. We are dedicated to creating a more comfortable living environment for people in the future through logistics and distribution. 

K.K. Trust Express

Trust Express has been providing us with reliable and affordable local trucking services between our Yokohama warehouse and PoH location throught Tohoku.

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