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PoH #61: Takata Hoikusho

Playground of Hope #61

Address: Iwate Prefecture, Rikuzentakata

Installation date: June 25, 2016


Takata Hoikusho was completely destroyed by the 3/11 tsunami and the lives of the families and caregivers were forever changed. It took nearly 4 years to rebuild the school which is now, yet another step forward, a very real part of the rebuilding process that continues to this day. And will continue for years to come.
With the amazing support of Hilton Tokyo staff and the many generous donations from its patrons, the Hilton Tokyo’s “Small change can bring big change” campaign was able to raise enough funds to donate two play sets to the Takata Nursery School in Rikuzentakata as part of their re-opening. We hope to revisit the school again in 2017 to help enhance the school grounds which are still not fully completed.
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Playground of Hope