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PoH #20: Teizan Elementary School 

Playground of Hope #20

Address: Ishinomaki City, Teizan 5-3-1、Miyagi Prefecture

Installation date: November 9th, 2013

Sponsor: Deutsche Bank Group

This was a very special installation, the first time we worked together with a public school in Japan. The school had a wooden play set that parents and community members had built nearly 40 years ago! Unfortunately, it was damaged beyond repair during the earthquake. Having seen one of the five other wooden play sets PoH had previously installed, the school reached out to us to help rebuild their school grounds.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Deutsche Bank Group in Japan we were able to not only build a large, new wooden paly set, we also staged a barbeque for nearly 300 people, including students, teachers and local residents. Local residents also performed a traditional Japanese “koto” performance and tea ceremony for volunteers and sponsors. It was a day to be remembered by all! 

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Playground of Hope