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PoH #48: Tenjinyama Park

Playground of Hope #48

Address: Kakinokizawa Sakarichō, Ōfunato-shi, Iwate-ken

Installation date: October 10th and 11th , 2015

Sponsor: NADIA / Tokyo Yamathon


During the initial weeks of the 3/11 disaster this beautiful park and adjacent Japanese shrine had served as an evacuation center. Before that time, local children, families and several kindergartens had use this park to play in for decades due to its central location and natural beauty. Unfortunately, for young children who had to evacuate and live here, it became a place of sad and uncomfortable memories.
Local people wanted to make Teninyama Park a happy place again. So PoH and local official worked together to build a big new place set and have a grand opening party that local small children could come and enjoy to make it a place of joy once again for the community.

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