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PoH #46: Yonenomiya Park

Playground of Hope #46

Address: Shizuoka Prefecture, Fuji City

Installation date:  September 12th & 13th, 2015

Sponsor: JATCO


A classic public / private collaboration driven by PoH supporter! A volunteer from one of our first projects in Tohoku suggested to his company, JATCO (Nissan subsidiary), that they consider a park project in Fuji city where they have their largest factory in Japan. To our delight, their marketing and communications department loved the idea. Together we approached the Fuji city hall park department. To all our delight they loved the idea too! As is the case with many cities and towns throughout Japan, they have great parks and plenty of space for play equipment but not the budget. We built the play set, brought out blue blocks and made pancakes and sausages for over 250 local people. Local TV and newspapers covered the event. A wonderful WIN – WIN opportunity for everyone!

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Playground of Hope